Joe Owen

Development Projects


Joe Owen is a managing member of a small real estate group that has both condominium and hotel projects completed, under construction, or currently in development. These developments include Rutledge Hill Development, LLC (City Lights Condominiums), Poston at the Park, LLC (Condominiums), and Skyline Hospitality, LLP (Skyline Hampton Inn). Joe is actively involved in the selecting of site locations, land acquisitions, navigating zoning regulations, overseeing and reviewing plans for various buildings and structures, the development of financing models and securing project financing. In addition, he plays a huge role in both the development oversight review during construction and the development market management after the construction is completed. Find out more about his group's active development projects below.


3000 Poston Ave. Nashville, TN 37203

The Poston at the Park


24 Lea Ave, Nashville, TN 37210

City Lights Condominiums


at TriStar Skyline Hospital

Skyline Hampton Inn